The accounting office that has subscribed to the services offered by CodaBox can Order the VOILA for its client.

  • Via MyCodaBox
  • CodaBox can also do the activation for you with your permission. If you prefer this method and you have your Client's consent to order VOILA via the 'Boost activation method', please contact our sales department at for more information. 

Ordering via MyCodaBox:

  1. Go to your MyCodaBox - MANDATES & SERVICES CLIENT - VOILA
  2. Search the customer you want to invite and in the column Actions click on Order VOILA: 
    On the next screen,  click on Order VOILA 

  3. Your client will receive the activation email to confirm his request to activate the VOILA service by following the instructions.
  4. CodaBox registers the customer on the different networks*
  5.  You will receive a confirmation of this subscription on the networks

Please note that the CODA service has to be activated prior to the registration on the networks.

Note: in CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES - VOILA, you can also choose to order VOILA for all my customers or Re-send all expired invitations :