CodaBox offers the clients of fiduciaries the opportunity to sign the mandates free of charge using their electronic ID or bank card (bank card for Crelan and BNP accounts only).

Today, this service is available to the clients of the banks of Belfius, Bank of Breda, BNP Paribas Fortis and Crelan.

Thanks to our very successful cooperation with Twikey, the signing of bank mandates for the transfer of account statements is now automatically done. That means a huge amount of time in processing and access to CODA.

Twikey is our partner in this technical setup, your fiduciary or your client should not sign a contract with Twikey for its use.

Watch our video and discover the Twikey electronic signature

The different steps of the electronic signature

When mandate is available in MyCodaBox, the electronic signature can be performed via the 'Signature' column:

The mandate must be signed electronically with the identity card of a person having power of attorney on the accounts. You can use this procedure when your client is in your office.

If you have provided us the e-mail address of your client, we can invite him by e-mail to sign his mandates electronically.

The invitation is automatically sent* by our internal system.

If the Status of the mandate is 'Sent-client' in your MyCodaBox platform, your client received the invitation. An invitation is sent for each mandate (if bank is supported).

When the client has signed the mandate electronically, CodaBox receives a confirmation from Twikey. CodaBox changes the status of the mandate, which becomes 'Sent-hq' in your MyCodaBox platform.

The bank accepts the mandate within a few days and activates the sending of CODA files
CodaBox receives the first CODA file and changes the status of the mandate to 'Active' in your MyCodaBox platform.

* Note: No invitation is sent to your client if the status of the mandate is 'Available online' in your MyCodaBox platform. If you have chosen to manage your clients' mandates yourself during the Onboarding process of your Fiduciary with CodaBox, we will not contact your client. 

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