CodaBox offers enterprises the possibility of signing mandates with their eID or bank card via our partner Twikey.

Before beginning the process of electronic signature of the mandate, the user must verify that he has the necessary elements and meets to following requirements:
  • User has the power of attorney on the bank accounts 
  • The signatory's identity card
  • An eID or bank card reader Belgium EID (capable of reading eID)
  • An up-to-date browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Some banks allow the signature with the bank card, in this case the user is informed during the signing procedure

Note: To use this feature, depending on the type of browser used, it is necessary to Install one or more plug-ins, including the eID Plugin for Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

The most frequently asked questions by users signing their mandate electronically

  • The invitation to sign a mandate, sent by the Codabox Support team via a link ➞ If question or problem with this link, contact
  • Sometimes the Twikey site mentions that the link is invalid. ➞ In this case, try again using the Private mode of your browser
  • If, after following the procedure and after installing the necessary plug-ins, the process fails ➞Consult the support document Signing with eID: most common problems

Important: The company will also receive the paper mandates to sign by mail, if the electronic signature fails, these documents can be signed and returned by mail to CodaBox.

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