The accountancy office that has subscribed to the services of CodaBox can Order the VOILA Service for its customers but also for its own Office account as a client of CodaBox .

You can easily and simply order this service for your own office account via your online platform MyCodaBox:

  1. Go to your  MyCodaBox and access the Purchase Invoice overview via the VOILA Menu.
    Search and select your own Office account for which you want to order this service.
    Click on Order VOILA and then click on Confirm order..

  2. CodaBox receives your request and sends an activation link for the VOILA Service to the email address configured in your own Office account.

  3. You are an Accounting office but you are also the customer who orders the VOILA Service.

    Therefore, you receive the activation email and you confirm your request to activate the VOILA Service for your own Office account by following the instructions.

  4. CodaBox registers your own Office account on the different networks*.

  5. As a VOILA Service customer, you will receive a subscription confirmation on all networks for your own Office account.

  6. As an Accounting Office, you will receive a confirmation of the subscription of your own Office account on the networks.

  7. Once the VOILA Service is activated, CodaBox starts receiving invoices for your Office account and sends these invoices to you as a client and to your Office account.

    You receive the invoices

    • As an accounting Office, you receive invoices in UBL and PDF format via daily delivery of your CodaBox files.
    • As a customer, you will receive the invoice in PDF format at the e-mail address registered in your own Office account.

→  You can now receive your CodaBox invoice 100% digitally and process it directly in your accounting software

* Please note that there must exist at least one active CODA mandate for the bank accounts of its own office before the registration on the different networks can be done by CodaBox.