When creating a New Client, our system checks whether the Client Code and Company Number data you enter in the form already exist in our system.

  • The Enterprise Number must be unique in our system.
  • The Client Code must be unique in your platform*.
  • If the system detects that this data already exists, an information or error message is displayed when you click on Save Client:
The Client already exists
Transfer to your office
The Client already exists
No transfer
The Client Code already exists
MyCodaBox then automatically proposes a Transfer from this Client to your Office.

Order the required Services in the displayed form:

  • Bank accounts for CODA
  • SODA

If this error message appears next to Enterprise Number no transfer is proposed:
This message shows that this client is already known on one of your platforms.

Search on the platform on which you have already added this client
If this error message is displayed:

It shows that this Client Code is already known in your platform

→  Choose a new Client Code.

 * One platform per accounting software

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