Does your Client leave your office or does he no longer want to use CodaBox Services?

→ Simply cancel all Mandates and Services of this Client:

The accounting office
I connect to MyCodaBox, in the CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES menu
I select the Service that must be disabled

I select in the overview the concerned customer and I archive or cancel the Service:
  • CODA to Archive the CODA mandates via Actions - Manage - Actions - Archive
  • SODA to Archive the SODA mandates via Actions - Archive
  • VOILA to Arhive VOILA mandates via Action - Cancel service
CodaBox Stops the sending of files associated with the Services that have been disabled.
Note: The client is not deleted in your MyCodaBox environment. This is currently not possible.


Your client is a BNP Paribas Fortis client who wishes to deactivate his mandate because of the CODA Service User Fees charged by BNP Paribas Fortis ? 

→ Please contact us by sending an email to 

We will prepare a revocation document that the end client must complete and submit to his bank branch, which will take the necessary steps to stop the CODA service.