Does your Client leave your office or does he no longer want to use CodaBox Services?

Simply cancel all Mandates and Services of this Client:

I connect to MyCodaBox, in the CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES menu
I select the Service that must be disabled

I select in the overview the concerned client and I archive or cancel the Service:
  • CODA to archive the CODA mandates via Actions - Manage - Actions - Archive
  • SODA to archive the SODA mandates via Actions - Archive
  • VOILA to archive VOILA mandates via Actions - Cancel service
  • CARO to archive CARO mandates via Actions - Manage
CodaBox Stops the sending of files associated with the Services that have been disabled.

Note: The client is not deleted in your MyCodaBox environment. This is currently not possible.


Your client is a BNP Paribas Fortis or Belfius client who wishes to deactivate his mandate because of the CODA Service User Fees charged by the bank? 

Please contact us by sending an email to , we will forward the request to discontinue CODA for this company to the concerned bank. 

Archiving an account/mandate via your MyCodaBox platform is not sufficient to stop the bill for CODA from the bank to the company.

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