SODA is a standardized digital format, developed and registered by CodaBox.

With SODA, you receive directly the accounting documents from the different social secretariats and you can easily import them into your accounting software.

Delivery method?

SODA files are delivered via the CodaBox API or other secure electronic channels.

What are the conditions for ordering SODA files? 

  • You are or you become a CodaBox client and you order the CODA Service*

  • You check on our website if your client works with a Social Secretariat partner of CodaBox and if you work with a SODA compatible software

  • You order the SODA service for your client**

  • SODA is currently only available to accountants, but if you are a client of an accountant who has subscribed to the CodaBox Services, you can obtain the direct delivery of SODA files with their agreement.

No SODA without CODA. The SODA product is not available separately. SODA can only be transferred for the professional clients of the Accountant, under the condition that CODABOX already delivers CODA on the basis of a mandate granted for this purpose.

** As soon as you have at least one active SODA mandate in MyCodaBox, the fixed monthly fee will be charged. When you receive a file for this mandate, you will be charged once per mandate.

Read the SODA Service’s General Terms and Conditions in your MyCodaBox online platform through the   

ACCOUNT - Contract & Services - SODA delivery menu.

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