Volg de onderstaande stappen om SODA te bestellen:

  • Go to https://www.codabox.com/fr/partenaires/ and check if your Accounting Software is ready for SODA integration. 
  • Log on to MyCodaBox, in the menu CLIENTS - Client List, select the Client for which you want to activate the SODA Service and in the Soda tab, select New Social Mandate:
    soda tab in mycodabox
  • Click on Add Social Welfare Office: 
    add social office
  • Select your client's Social Secretariat from the list Office and then click Save Mandate:
    save the soda mandate

You can add several Social Secretariats using Add Social Welfare Office

Once the Mandate is registered, CodaBox sends the Mandate to your client's Social Secretariat and requests the activation of the SODAs.

Mandate status in MyCodaBox:

You can track the activation of your SODA mandate by connecting to MyCodaBox, CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES - Soda

Note: The client does not need to sign any more papers. The client gave permission for this service on the teletransmission document together with CODA.
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