Order SODA and check the status via MyCodaBox

  1. Go to https://www.codabox.com/fr/partenaires/ and check if your Accounting Software is ready for SODA integration.
  2. In MyCodaBox - CLIENTS - Client List, search the Client for which you want to activate the SODA Service, and choose in the Action column for New SODA Mandate 
  3. In the next screen (SODA tab of the client details), select again New SODA Mandate.
  4. In the list of CodaBox partner Offices, select the Social Secretariat of your client and click on Save Mandate.
    ⇨ You can add several Social Secretariats using Add Social Welfare Office
    Once the Mandate is registered, CodaBox sends the Mandate to your client's Social Secretariat and requests the activation of SODA.

Note: The client does not need to sign any more papers. The client gave permission for this service via the teletransmission document, together with CODA.

Check the status of my order
You can track the activation of the SODA mandate by connecting to MyCodaBox > CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES > Soda

The different states of the SODA mandates and their meaning are described in this article


Why is the status of my order 'Archived'?
Your client is already affiliated with the Social secretariat?

If your client is not yet known by this organization but you sent them the order, they will inform us they cannot process your SODA order. 

Our system will then automatically archive your order and the status will change to 'Archived' in MyCodaBox.

Save time and avoid having to re-order SODA by checking before ordering whether your client is already affiliated with the Social Secretariat.  

Don't want to waste time looking for your client's social office? 

➟ Use the SODA 'Boost' Service from CodaBox!

SODA not available in Yuki
Info and solution in this article

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