Do you want to receive your CODA files physically on your server?

➞ CodaBox offers two FTP delivery methods for CODA

You can make a choice between these two methods:

➞ FTP at your side : We need information* from you.

➞ FTP at CodaBox :  FTP at CodaBox: We reserve a special space on our server and we provide you with a tool for the daily collection of files.

FTP = File Transfer Protocol (file transfer protocol). This protocol is used to transfer files between a server and a client.


  • Whatever your choice, there are no additional charges.
  • The two 'FTP' methods ensure the same result on your server, the files are delivered in a format and a tree structure compatible with your accounting program. See also our Related articles in the menu on the right.

You choose an FTP at your side?

  • We "push" the files to you via FTP
  • We need a secured FTP acces: FTP over SSH (SFTP) or FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS)
  • In case of FTPS, we need an Explicit connection (FTPES) in Passive Mode
  • The SSL certificate can be a auto-signed
  • Once the connection tests have been successfully completed, you can restrict** the access.

To set up an FTP at your side, we need to receive the following information from you:

Type of information required*
For example
Generally 22 for SFTP or 21 for FTPES
Identifier to connect us to your server
Must be communicated by email sent to or by phone at 02/880.84.80
Root directory

When your files are delivered on your server, CodaBox creates a tree structure based on the client code of each client. Each file type is delivered in its own folder

Restricted access? **
Yes / No

You choose an FTP at CodaBox side?

To set up the FTP with a secured space, we send you the following information:

  • Information to retrieve the CODA files.
  • A login and a password on our FTP server.
  • A tool to retrieve the files.
  • A procedure for the installation and the use of the retrieval tool as well the information to be filled in to configure it.

Does your accounting software belong to the list of CodaBox partners? 

Does it have any particularities regarding its connection with CodaBox ? 

➞ You can check this information on our Accounting software - Integration of CODA/SODA/Invoices page.

You have chosen your delivery method and would like to inform us of this or you have questions about FTP? 

Contact us by sending an e-mail to

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