Here is an overview of the different statuses of a SODA mandate:

Mandate StatusMeaning
Not signedThe SODA mandate has been ordered, but there is no signed CODA mandates yet for the client.
 SignedMandate is signed. CodaBox will soon request the SODA activation at the social secretariat.
Requested The SODA activation has been requested at the social secretariat.
DelayedThe activation is delayed – CodaBox sends a weekly reminder to the social secretariat.
ConfirmedThe activation has been confirmed by the social secretariat – waiting for the first SODA file.
ActiveThe SODA mandate is active, CodaBox receives SODA files for the client from the related social welfare office.
ArchivedArchived mandate.
ProblemOur request due to missing information or mandate was refused by the social office. You should have received information about it. If this is not the case, thank you for letting us know.

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