When a customer subscribes to our services through his Accounting Office, he inserts the e-mail address that CodaBox will use for the transfer of data to his Company.

To perform this verification, we send your client an e-mail with a link to complete a form: CodaBox guarantees the secure transfer of sensitive data by verifying this e-mail address.

In this form, he must select the Accounting Office he works with, but sometimes the client makes a mistake and does not select the right Accounting Office. 

In the previous version of this e-mail address verification wizard, the verification process stopped in case of an error and the customer had to contact our Support so that a new invitation to verify his e-mail address would be sent to him.

With the new version of this wizard, if an error occurs, a message is displayed: 'This information is not correct. You still have X attempts': the customer is now allowed to make two more attempts to select his Accounting Office.

After 3 unsuccessful attempts, the customer is invited to contact our Support via support@codabox.com to request a new invitation to verify their email address.