When a customer subscribes to our services through his Accounting Office, he gives them the e-mail address that CodaBox will use for the transfer of data to his Company.

To check the validity of this e-mail address, we send the customer an e-mail containing a link* :

From : support@codabox.com

Subject : Veuillez confirmer votre adresse e-mail

Message :


You have opted to receive CodaBox files on this email address. Via a short wizard we would like you to confirm your company is linked to this email address.

  • #Company nameNom de votre Entreprise
  • #UEN
  • #Company address

If you represent this company, please click on the link below:


If you do not represent this company, please click on the link below:


Please note that these links will expire within 14 days.
Link expired, request a new link here.

Thank you in advance for completing the wizard.

CodaBox Support

We take the privacy of your personal information seriously.

If the data is correct and the company representative wants to confirm his data and e-mail address, after clicking on the link, he will be redirected to a form where he can select the name or VAT number of the Accounting Office he works with :

If the customer chooses to enter the name of his Accounting Office, the auto-completion will propose a list of Accounting Offices:

Once the name of the Accounting Office has been correctly selected, the choice must be validated by clicking on Confirm :

A final screen shows the registration of the e-mail address :


  • If the e-mail address verification has failed  
  • If the link has expired  
  • If the e-mail address has not been voluntarily validated by the customer

The customer is informed and can continue the validation procedure by following the guidelines, see The verification of my e-mail address has failed.