Your client receives an e-mail from CodaBox

Subject: 'Please confirm your e-mail address'

Email content

  • Information about his company 
  • Two links

              ⇨ If he is the legal representative of the company, he clicks the corresponding link and the verification form starts

              ⇨ If he is not the legal representative, he can contact us

The verification form 

The client must select the name of the Accounting Office he is working with:

When the first letters of the Accounting Office name are entered in the field, the auto-completion process starts and proposes a list of Accounting Offices names:

Once the name of the Accounting Office has been correctly selected, the choice must be validated by clicking on Confirm.

A final screen displays the verification of the e-mail address:


If the client wishes to register another email address with CodaBox, he can contact our Support at to provide us with the email address he wishes to use.

The validation process fails

The link is no longer valid

The links are valid for 2 weeks. After this period, the client can reactivate the verification process of his e-mail address via 

'Link expired, request a new link here.' (link in the verification e-mail).

Unsuccessful attempts 

If an error is made when selecting the Accounting Office a message is displayed 'This information is not correct. You still have X more attempt(s)'

After 3 unsuccessful attempts, the client is invited to contact our Support via to request that a new invitation to verify their email address be sent.