When a Client subscribes to our services via his Accounting office, he communicates to his accountant the e-mail address that CodaBox will have to use for the transfer of data to his Company.

To verify the authenticity of this e-mail address, CodaBox sends the client an e-mail containing a link that redirects to a verification wizard. 

It is possible that this Validation Process may fail for one of the following reasons:

  • The link is no longer valid
    The links that activate the wizard for verifying your e-mail address and that are present in our e-mail 'Please confirm your e-mail address' are valid for 1 day. After this period, you can restart the validation process by yourself by clicking on HERE in the verification e-mail :

    'Please note that these links will expire within 14 days. Link expired, request a new link here.'

  • Incorrect selection of the Accountant
    When you launch the wizard to verify your e-mail address, we ask you who your accountant is. You can give us this information via his name or via his VAT number. When you choose to indicate the name of your accountant, the automatic entry of the wizard offers you several choices of accountant. It is possible that the name under which you know your accountant is registered differently in our system.

    When you validate your choice, the wizard detects that the name of the accountant you indicated does not exist in our system. In this case, an error message is displayed 'This information is not correct. You still have X more attempt(s)' After 3 attempts, you should contact our support services via support@codabox.com.

    Note: If you stop the check and restart it later, the process will continue from where you left it.

  • Refusal of the e-mail address
    The e-mail address, that has been communicated to CodaBox by your Accounting Office, is not the e-mail address that is to be used for the transfer of data between CodaBox and your Company. You have chosen to click on the 2nd link in the verification e-mail:
    'If you do not represent this company, please click on the link below:'
    By clicking on this link, you launch the wizard that will record your refusal to validate the email address.

In this case, please contact our Support via support@codabox.com to provide us with the e-mail address you wish to use for the transfer of your data. Another verification e-mail will be sent to this address.