Adding an additional e-mail address via MyCodaBox for the delivery of Purchase Invoices is now possible.

As an Accounting Office, you have the possibility to Order the VOILA Service for your own Office or For your customer.

When you order this Service, the e-mail address that you set up in your customer or office details is used by default by CodaBox to send you the Purchase Invoices.

In your MyCodaBox platform, a new field 'Purchase Invoice Delivery Address' has been added to allow you to request delivery of Purchase Invoices via a different e-mail address. 

Read our article How to add an additional e-mail address for the VOILA Service.

Note: This e-mail address is important, it guarantees that the invoice will reach the customer because no paper documents or digital invoices will be sent directly to the customer by the sender once the VOILA Service is activated.

E-mail addresses configured for the VOILA Service will also need to be confirmed by the customer using CodaBox's standard Email Address Verification procedure.