Adapt an Exact Online e-mail address 

Accounting Offices working with Exact Online software can adapt their client's Exact Online e-mail address in their MyCodaBox platform.

Go to your MyCodaBox platform, in CLIENTS - Client List - select the customer concerned and in the customer details, in Client Information, click Edit

edit client info in mycodabox

Adapt the Exact Online digital Mailbox and click Save Changes

adapt EOL address in mycodabox

Search for missing Exact Online e-mail addresses

A filter can be applied to search for missing Exact Online e-mail addresses.

In CLIENTS - CLIENT List - Select 'Without Exact Online Mailbox' to display a list of customers for which the Exact Online e-mail address is missing.

An Accounting Office not working with Exact Online can communicate its client's Exact Online address to CodaBox

In some cases, an Accounting Office that does not work with Exact Online may need to inject the Exact Online e-mail address of its customer who has its own Exact Online license and who uses this address for direct delivery.  

In this case, the Accounting Office cannot adapt the e-mail address of its customer via MyCodaBox.

If this e-mail address needs to be modified, please make this request via

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