CodaBox modified some procedures:

Sending by email instead of by post

We switched to sending the paper documents by email to your client (if CodaBox takes care of the mandate management for you).
For this it is important that you enter the correct email address in MyCodaBox. 

You can follow this up via MyCodaBox by checking which mandates remain in 'prepared' status. 

➞ This means that your client's e-mail address is not known to CodaBox. To avoid this, we invite you to look in MyCodaBox for all clients without an e-mail address and to add this information if it is missing.

When this information is present and correct, your client will receive a PDF version of the mandate or a link to sign digitally via Twikey by e-mail.

Mandate by scan

For non-Twikey mandates:
We ask you and your client to scan the signed mandates and send them back to us.

To check the status of your mandates, look for missing e-mail addresses, add or adapt them, see also our Related Articles