A new Service is now available in MyCodaBox: The Credit Card Statements, the CARO Service.

What are the benefits?

As with electronic bank statements (CODA), CodaBox now offers you the possibility to retrieve your customers' Credit Card Statements and make them available to you.

The benefits are the same as for CODA :

  • The request for Credit Card statements is done directly on your MyCodaBox platform. If the Client does not proceed with the activation, the accountant can re-send an invitation.
  • CodaBox delivers the files and avoids you the administrative hassle.
  • No more risk that the Company will forget to provide its accountant with its Credit Card statements.

How does it work?

  • The Fiduciary logs on to MyCodaBox, displays the list of eligible clients for the CARO Service and requests the Service for its Client.
  • The Client receives, via an automatic process, an invitation e-mail with an activation URL that redirects him to our CodaBox Wizard. He uses his credit card and card reader to activate the CARO Service and also validates his request via a code that he receives by SMS.
  • Once the Service is activated, CodaBox retrieves the files and makes them available to the accountant, see our article Delivery method for CARO files.

What is an eligible client?

  • An eligible client is a client that has an active mandate for an IBAN with a bank that supports this Service.
  • The type of bank account can be a current account or a savings account.
  • The bank account cannot be an archived account.

Would you like to order this Service for your Client? Read our article How to order the CARO Service for my Customer via MyCodaBox?

Note: The CARO menu is not available in the resellers MyCodaBox application.