Why can't I modify the field Enterprise Name?

This field is not modifiable in case the UEN has not yet been entered.

A message is displayed when I change the field 'Client Code', why?

This message is informative and does not prevent the modification of the Client Code but draws your attention to the fact that this modification has consequences at the level of the folder in which the files of your customers will be delivered.

In which cases are the mandates concerned impacted by the adaptation of my client's data?

If the mandate concerned has a status* Available online - Prepared - Sent-Client or Problem

In this case, if you choose Sign with Twikey or Archive:

possible actions on mandates in mycodabox

A window appears with additional information about the consequences of this choice. You are invited to check the box I have read and I understand the above and to Validate your choice.

archiving validation in mycodabox

* The status of the mandates is visible in CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES - CODA - Status column.

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