ING bank account CODA of date 16/6 (movements of 15/6)  may contain file structure errors.

It is not possible to deliver a new file, all files from 17/6 are correct.

We distinguish the following major problem:

In all transactions, the account number of the counterparty is correct, but the name of the counterparty is always the name of the account holder. In other words, the identity of the company / person who initiated the transaction on the bank account is lost.

We distinguish the following small problems:

The file numbering is 'restarted' for some bank accounts: there is no more sequence with the numbering compared to the previous CODA.

The VAT number in the CODA file has been changed to '00000000000' for some bank accounts

The BIC code in the CODA file is now 'BBRUBEBBXXX' for some bank accounts

On 16/06 you received your first CODA file for a specific ING account. As a result, the CODA mandate was activated, but you no longer receive CODA for that account.

Due to the change in the process, this account will be reactivated as from mid-August. This will cause a gap between the CODA file received on 16/6 and new CODA files from 14/8.  

CodaBox has contacted your office regarding the missing CODA files.