Steps to be taken by the Card Holder

  • Once the CARO Service has been ordered for your client, an e-mail is automatically sent to your client on the address you provided when ordering the Service.

    * For security reasons, the activation link in the invitation email is only valid for 14 days! 
    This e-mail contains :
    • Steps to follow to perform the CARO Service registration
    • A link to a video that describes these steps
    • The activation link

  • After clicking on the activation link, the client is redirected to a Welcome page
    step 1 of caro activation by the client

  • At this point, the card holder must have the following with him:
    • His mobile phone number to check the verification code that he will receive via text
    • His business credit card details available on his paper credit card statements (to check his client reference entered by the accountant via MyCodaBox).
    • His credit card and bank card reader to be able to sign to activate the CARO Service.

  • Afterwards, he can click Continue.
    A text with the verification code is sent to the cell number (entered by the accountant in MyCodaBox) of the card holder. The card holder can now enter this code in the verification window of the text and click Continue

    step 2 of caro activation by the client: verification of the sms code

  • In the next screen, he must enter his credit card details, confirm his client reference, read the legal terms and conditions, accept them if he agrees, and click Confirm
    step 3 of caro activation by the customer: activation

  • The next screen is a screen from his bank's secure portal where he will use his card reader and credit card to finalize his approval to share his statements with his accountant. The user experience is similar to an e-commerce transaction.

  • After this step, the card holder is registered for the CARO Service
    final step of caro activation by the client

  • The final step is an e-mail from CodaBox confirming the registration to the Service.

    This e-mail contains a link to the general terms and conditions which states that if he wishes to revoke this agreement, he must contact his accountant. The accountant will receive his client's credit card statements from the month following the registration. 

    Once the email is sent, the email address and the mobile phone number are removed from our database.

Note: The list of accounts for which the CARO Service can be ordered is visible in the main menu of MyCodaBox, in  CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES - CARO

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