Via MyCodaBox, we offer you the possibility to directly download your clients' credit card statements.

How to proceed?

  • You order CARO for your client via MyCodaBox
  • Your client activates the Service by giving his agreement via an activation link.
  • As soon as a credit card statement is available, you can download it (for 24 months) via MyCodaBox.

Download credit card statements

In MyCodaBox, CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES - CARO - Look for the client for whom you wish to download the credit card statements, click on Manage

download your client's credit card statements in mycodabox via the caro menu

In this screen, you have access to the State of all CARO requests made for this client.

Download is available for Client References with Active status

 in the caro menu of mycodabox search for active clients for whom caro download is available

Note: The column 'Last file received on' gives an overview of the date of the last download for active client references. This allows you to detect references for which there is no recent movement, in this case the date is displayed in orange.

Next, click on Download to get the available CARO files

after selecting your client in mycodabox-caro download his credit card statements

Select the period and click Download

→ The statements are downloaded in a .zip file whose name is composed of CARO + the period you have chosen to download. For example CARO -

in mycodabox-caro you can choose the period for downloading his credit card statements

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