From 21/8, all ING CODA files will once again be numbered chronologically.  

You will find below some examples of incorrect numbering for files generated after 13/8 : 

  • 154888158 
  • 154889158 
  • 154125126157 
  • 154 8156 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to re-deliver files without chronological numbering.

  • With the correct import settings, CODA files with identical numbering can normally be imported into your software. 
  • You can also manually change the numbering of CODA files before importing them. La cause ?

The root cause?

The numbering of the CODA files was temporarily changed. The numbering of the CODA files now follows the numbering of the paper statements. Depending on the preferences configured for your client's bank account, ING may or may not generate these paper statements, possibly on a periodic basis. (1 number per year, 1 number per month).