We can resend the CODAs for a certain period of time (between date X and date Y) and for a maximum of two years in the past.

You are missing a CODA file?

You can send an e-mail to Support@codabox.com stating the account number and which CODA number is missing.

We will make the CODA file available again to you via the daily delivery.

Took over a client already active at CodaBox?  Changed platform of Client?

You often ask CODA files of the past for that client.

During a transfer to your Office

When you request the transfer of a client to your Office via MyCodaBox, you can also send us a request for the resending of CODAs via Support@codabox.com

During a platform transfer

During a Platform Transfer request via MyCodaBox, you can directly request a resend of CODA via the Free note field.