If you have chosen to delegate the management of your mandates to us and if we know your client's e-mail address, we will send a reminder e-mail to your client, if he has mandates with the following status:

Sent-client : The client has received his CODA mandate but has not signed it.

Bank procedure (pending activation by the client): This is a KBC/CBC client who has signed the teletransmission mandate but who has yet to activate it in his banking application.

The CODA tab of your MyCodaBox platform now displays more detailed information about the reminder e-mails sent to your customer :

  • The number of reminders sent to your customer
  • The date the reminder was sent
  • The e-mail address to which the reminder was sent
    Coda tab in mycodabox: reminders

What does my client receive?

  • The object of the e-mail contains the word 'Reminder'
  • The e-mail contains clear instructions that describe the steps the client still needs to take for the activation of the mandate.

  • One or two files (bank mandate and/or teletransmission mandate) are attached to this e-mail or it contains a Twikey link, depending on the situation

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