In MyCodaBox > CARO, the status of my client's CARO service order is 'Problem'.

This means that the card used by the cardholder, to give his agreement for the CARO Service, does not match the Client reference provided in MyCodaBox when ordering the service. To solve this problem, please proceed as follows:

Checks to be performed in MyCodaBoxSolution
Does the client reference belong to a bank that supports CARO?
If the client reference doesn’t belong to a bank that supports CARO. we will not be able to solve that today. Please be a little more patient, we’re working on adding more banks.
Does the client reference contain typos?

If the client reference contains errors, you have to create a new CARO order because the client reference field cannot be changed.

Does the client reference belong to the "correct" client?

There is a mismatch between the client and the client reference. 

Deactivate CARO for this Client reference and then create a new CARO order, using the correct Client/Client Reference combination.

Does the client reference belong to another cardholder from the same client?

Edit the cardholder data (e-mail and mobile phone number) to match/address the correct cardholder who needs to give his consent.

Are the client reference and cardholder details correct?

If yes, check with your client/cardholder to see if he/she uses other business cards and invite him/her to use the card that matches the credit card statement to agree to the CARO Service.

If you are still experiencing problems after following the above procedures, please contact our Support team.

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