Do you receive your CODA files on your server in a Tree structure

Is this tree structure created via the chosen delivery method 'FTP at CodaBox' with the corresponding tool 'CodaBoxFilesFromFTP'?

Do you recognize this delivery method for your CodaBox files?  Then please read the following important information!

The 'FTP at CodaBox' will be unavailable on 24/3 for a few hours in the late afternoon. Codabox migrates the available FTP space to optimize its services.

You will probably not be affected by this. You will be able to download the new files in the morning. In the afternoon, the synchronization tool will not be able to connect to CodaBox for a few hours, but you will not miss the synchronization of new files.

What should you do before 24/3? 


What should you do after 25/3?

Check whether you are still receiving new files. If so, you have not been affected by our migration.

Don't you receive any new CODA files after 25/3? 

Please follow the steps below to solve this problem:

  • Open the 'CodaBoxFilesFromFTP' application on your Server environment
  • Go to the 'Configuration' menu - 'Parameters'
  • Click on 'Test FTP connection'
    • If this returns an error message, continue with the next steps
    • If this test is successful, then there is no problem, it is possible that there are no new files to synchronize
  • Check the field FTP address and adjust if necessary: it must be filled with value 
  • Click on 'Test FTP connection'
  • Click on Save

  • If the connection is restored, the tool can synchronize files again (you will not miss any files)
  • if you have problems to perform the above steps, please contact us at