We regret to inform you that the delivery of the CODA from ING bank accounts has been temporarily stopped.

The content of ING's CODA would improve from 25/2. However, the content of the new CODA is incorrect. Before delivering this new CODA, CodaBox carried out the necessary checks. As a result, you were not delivered an incorrect CODA, but the delivery is currently blocked for all ING customers.

ING is doing everything it can to rectify this as soon as possible so that all files since 25/2 can be delivered in a correct format.

Update 26/2 17:30 

ING has done a rollback scenario. We are now waiting for ING to regenerate the CODA files with the movements of 24/2. We will have a new update on monday 1/3.

Update 1/3 12:00

ING started this weekend generating the 24/2 CODA files with the correct format. CodaBox received these files just before noon. CodaBox will check the correctness of the files this afternoon before processing them to our customers. (We also already have the 25/2, 26/2 CODA files, but we can't send them without the 24/2 files)

Update 1/3 17:00

ING sent CodaBox all files since 24/2. CodaBox checks the quality of all these supplied CODA files in order to offer the highest possible guarantee on the quality of the files. Because this involves review of CODA files for a period of 3 days, our internal processes are currently still busy with this processing and control. In addition, we also check whether all files are present, so that there are no interruptions in the file delivery. We will provide you with an update tomorrow morning.

Update 02/03 13:00

Our internal processes are currently still busy with processing and control of the delivered files. We have already verified the content,  which is ok. We are waiting for the check of completeness of the files. 

Update 02/03 16:00

Today we will be able to supply all CODA since 2/25. The files will be sent to you during the evening.

However, keep in mind the following matters relating to the CODA file of transactions of February 24th.

  • The file number is not consecutive from the other files
  • As the creation date, 27/2 was included in the header of the CODA

Hopefully, this inconvenience won't cause too many problems.