From 1 May 2021, a cost for the CODA Service will be charged by Belfius Bank on each current account* 

This cost is charged regardless of the channel on which the CODA is delivered.

The new pricing is a decision of the bank.

The details of this new pricing can be consulted on the Belfius website.

If an enterprise has any questions about this new pricing, the enterprise can contact his bank branch.

If the enterprise wishes to stop the CODA service, activated via CodaBox, because he/she does not want to pay these extra costs, please contact us at , we will forward the request to stop CODA for this customer to the Belfius bank. Archiving an account / mandate via your MyCodaBox platform is not enough to stop the CODA service from being charged by the bank to your client.

* Important : Savings accounts are not affected by the CODA fees charged by the bank!