New pricing

From 1 May 2021, Belfius Bank will charge a monthly flat rate for the creation of Coda files, which contain all detailed information about transactions on payment accounts *. The new pricing is part of the global Belfius offer and its additional services . The details of this new tariff can be consulted on the Belfius website. 

If a company has questions about this pricing, it can contact its Belfius agency or relationship manager.

Belfius charges this cost for the creation of CODA on the account. This cost is charged independently of the channel on which the CODA is delivered.

Stop CODA?

If you as a company wish to stop the CODA that is created on the account as a result of the registration of a CodaBox mandate, please contact us at We will forward the request to discontinue CODA for this company to Belfius bank. Archiving an account/mandate via your MyCodaBox platform is not sufficient to stop the bill for CODA from the bank to the company.

Important: * No CODA costs are charged by the bank on savings accounts and specific accounts (eg sub-accounts).