During the last couple of months, ING has caused some issues regarding the CODA files.

The following matters are related to the CODA file of ING

CODA stopped after 20/04/2021

  • Determined on 04/05: after the release of new ING CODA on 20/4, we notice that for some accounts the CODA delivery has stopped. ING is aware and will repair this as soon as possible, as well as provide the missing CODA files. CodaBox currently does not know which accounts have been impacted. Update 14/05 : missing files are delivered

 CODA from 24/02/2021 --- CODA from 13/8 until 21/08/2020 --  CODA from 16/6/2020 :

  • The file number is not consecutive from the other files

            ► Tip: Look up the files in your folder structure / via your accounting package, the CODA files of this period have a lower number and your accounting package may indicate that they have already been processed. 

CODA from 24/02/2021 

  • As the creation date, 27/2 was included in the header of the CODA

CODA from 13/8/2020 until 20/04/2021 

  • In some transactions, the counterparty account number is missing. This prevents the correct processing of the transaction in your accounting software. 

CODA from 16/06/2021

  • In all transactions, the account number of the counterparty is correct, but the name of the counterparty is always the name of the account holder. In other words, the identity of the company / person who initiated the transaction on the bank account is lost.
  • The VAT number in the CODA file has been changed to '00000000000' for some bank accounts
  • The BIC code in the CODA file is now 'BBRUBEBBXXX' for some bank accounts