How is the SODA Service charged?

The SODA Service is charged per platform via a monthly fee*. There is no cumulation as for CODA.

In addition to the monthly fee, a one-off fee is charged for each activated mandate.

When is the monthly cost of the Service charged?

As soon as you have an active SODA mandate and you receive SODA files on your platform.

Example :

Your accounting Office works with 1 Yuki platform and 1 Expert/M platform.

You activate the SODA Service on each of your platforms. 

You then use 2x the SODA Service = you pay 2x the monthly cost* whatever the number of client folders you process on your platforms.

* The monthly fee and the fee for the activation of a mandate is available on your online platform MyCodaBox in ACCOUNTS - Contracts & Services - SODA

Conclusion :

The cost of the SODA Service is low because the price does not depend on the number of client folders on each of your platforms. If you have 200 folders on your Expert platform, the price remains unchanged, you only pay the monthly cost of SODA once.

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