A sub-account is a bank account with an identical IBAN as the main account to which it is linked. 

For example, it is possible to open a main account in Euros, and then open sub-accounts in a different currency (USD, GBP, etc.). Another example of a sub-account is the specific ING account, which allows separate management of wealth and daily transactions.

Processing by Exact Online?

You notice that all transactions on the sub-account are recorded on its main account. 

This sub-account has the same account number as the main account, with an additional heading number.

â–º Please contact Exact Online
The field number is not taken into account by Exact Online, the platform does not detect that it concerns a sub-account of a main account. You can contact Exact Online to have this sub-account handled separately.

Stop receiving CODA for a sub-account?

CodaBox cannot stop the delivery of sub-accounts.