Client invited to use the CARO Service but he cannot complete the activation of the Service?

➜ Your client has already:

  • Received the activation email
  • Clicked on the activation link and launched the form to confirm the activation of the Service
  • Received an SMS with the verification code
  •  Filled in his credit card details in the activation form 
  • In the screen of his bank's secure site, he successfully finished his request by identifying himself with his credit card and his card reader but then he receives directly a message* from his bank's secure site informing him that the process has failed.

Why can't my client validate his CARO activation?

  • The credit card does not allow for online payments
  • Your client may have chosen in the past to temporarily block his credit card by going to the card properties via his banking app. As a result, online payments can no longer be made with this card AND prevents activation of the CARO Service.


  1. Check with your client whether he can make online payments with this card:
    If this is not possible, he should contact his bank to check whether this option can be activated.

  2. If the client can make online payments with this card:
    Check with him whether he has temporarily blocked his card via his banking app. If he wants to unblock his card to activate CARO, invite him to go to his banking app to deactivate this function or to contact his bank.

    ➜ It is possible that this activation of the online payments is not immediately applied in the bank‘s systems, this may take a few minutes. If this is not working immediately, we advise to wait a while and try again later. 


The message advising that the process has failed varies depending on the client's bank. The cause may not be explicitly stated.

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