What is the delivery method for CARO and which types of files are available for the Accounting Office?

CodaBox delivers :

  1. The PDF + the XML file via MyCodaBox
  2. The PDF + the XML file via FTP (i.e. on the accountant's server) 
  3. The PDF + the XML file via API (CodaBox Connect)

Process CARO files in Adsolut

In Adsolut it is possible to read CARO files into the correct folder. You can find more information via this link in NL en this link in FR

Why can't the XML file be imported into all accounting software yet?

⇨ The accounting software have not yet implemented the integration of the XML files. This will happen soon: some are already testing the integration of the CARO files. 

⇨ Waiting for the XML integration, you can currently use the PDF file

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