This procedure concerns you if the VOILA 1.0 version is still integrated in your MyCodaBox platform.

Check your VOILA version easily by consulting this article.

The Accounting Office has the following possibilities to order VOILA for its clients:

  • Via Invitation: After inviting the client via MyCodabox, the client will receive an e-mail from us inviting him to accept the Service.
  • Via Boost activation: Thanks to the Boost Activation, CodaBox does not need your customer's confirmation!
    More information in the article VOILA Boost activation.

Ordering via MyCodaBox

  1. Go to your MyCodaBox - MANDATES & SERVICES CLIENT - VOILA
  2. Search the customer you want to invite and in the column Actions click on Order VOILA: 
    On the next screen,  click on Order VOILA 
    ordering voila 1.0 via mycodabox
  3. Your client will receive the activation email to confirm his request to activate the VOILA service by following the instructions.
  4. CodaBox registers the customer on the different networks*
  5.  You will receive a confirmation of this subscription on the networks

* Please note that the CODA service must be activated before registering on the networks.