In MyCodaBox -CLIENTS MANDATES & SERVICES - VOILA, you can find the order status of all your clients, eligible for the VOILA Service. This information is also available via the individual page of the client.

Not OrderedYou have not ordered VOILA for this client.
InvitedAn invitation e-mail has been sent to the client to accept the VOILA service.

VOILA is ordered for this client.

CodaBox has sent an e-mail to your client via the contact e-mail address.

The invitation e-mail contains a link via which the client can confirm his company data and give his/her consent for the VOILA mandate.

If the client has not replied to the invitation after 7 days, we will send a reminder. The link expires after 14 days.

Client Invitation expiredThe client has not accepted the subscription within the expected timeframe through the e-mail that was sent.
The client has not replied to the invitation within the 14-day period. You can resend the invitation via MyCodaBox.
Validation in ProgressClient consent registered. CodaBox is verifying the enterprise number and your client needs to verify his e-mail address.

Without these two checks, VOILA cannot be activated for the client. This status is displayed:

  • As soon as the client has given his/her consent for the VOILA mandate
  • If you have ordered VOILA for this client via the 'Boost' option
Registration in ProgressThe client is being registered at the different purchase invoice networks.The BCE/KBO check is approved and the client's e-mail has been confirmed. The process continues with the registration of the client to the different channels (Zoomit and Peppol)

The registration at the different purchase invoice networks could not be completed due to an unexpected problem.

One of the steps of the activation process did not work properly.

Please contact our Support for more information

ActiveThe client has been fully registered on VOILA. The client receives his/her invoices on the indicated and verified e-mail address below. You will receive the invoices via the daily delivery method.The client receives an e-mail from CodaBox to confirm the activation of the VOILA mandate.

CodaBox has registered the client on all connected channels, He/she is ready to receive the first invoice via CodaBox.

CancelledThe service was cancelled by request or the client’s information could not be verified by CodaBox.The VOILA mandate is deactivated and the client is unsubscribed on the different channels. The client will, from now on, receive his/her invoices directly from the senders, Codabox has no control over this.
3 possible reasons for this status:
  • The service was cancelled at the request of the accounting Office because they no longer wish to receive purchase invoices for this client.
  • The service was cancelled at the request  of the client because the client stopped his/her VOILA mandate with Codabox.
  • The e-mail address of the client has changed and the client has not confirmed the verification e-mail from Codabox. As a result, Codabox can no longer deliver the invoices to the client. 

Filter clients by Order Status concerning the VOILA Service

In MyCodaBox - CLIENTS MANDATES & SERVICES - VOILA, apply a filter to display/sort your VOILA orders by Status

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