Calculation of the costs:

The cost is based on the amount of Enterprise Numbers for which the status of the VOILA Service is 'ACTIVE' in MyCodaBox - CLIENT MANDATE & SERVICES  - VOILA


  • Clients that are handled in your ClearFacts are not taken into account in this calculation because, VOILA is included in your ClearFacts subscription.
    ACTIVE status = your client is registered on Peppol and Zoomit + you receive invoices for this client. 
  • In order to be invoiced only for your active clients, don't forget to keep your client list updated in MyCodaBox!
    When a client is no longer active (bankruptcy, termination, ...), his mandates and Services need to be deactivated in your MyCodaBox platform

Administrative costs:

- No administrative costs 

Monthly recurring costs:

- Cumulation of CODA, CARO and VOILA to calculate the monthly recurring cost. 

Note: Active clients for VOILA that you ALSO manage via your ClearFacts platform are not included in this cumulation, because VOILA is included in your ClearFacts subscription.

Example with a number of active clients for VOILA:

110 active current accounts 20 active client references10 Enterprise numbers managed only via CodaBox

15 Enterprise numbers also managed via ClearFacts

110 + 20 + 10  = a total of 140 items

In the above example, 140 items will be charged as monthly recurring costs. The amount charged per item depends on the total number of active items in MyCodaBox, but there is no accumulation with the number of clients that are also managed in ClearFacts. So in this case, it is the amount that corresponds to the range between 121 and 240 units (see table below).

Determination of the recurring costs based on the total number of items:

- The prices are available in MyCodaBox  - ACCOUNT - Contracts & Services

Number of items (CODA+CARO+VOILA*) 
*Not including clients also managed via ClearFacts
+ 500
Between 241 and 500
Between 121 and 240
Between 61 and 120
Between 3 and 60
Between 1 and 2

The 'ACTIVE' status in VOILA = your client is registered on Peppol and Zoomit. This does not guarantee that you are already receiving his/her invoices.

CodaBox charges you for the VOILA Service, according to the number of Enterprise Numbers for which the VOILA service status is 'ACTIVE' in MyCodaBox AND for which you receive invoices (except clients managed via ClearFacts).

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