When CodaBox needs to send PDF documents (CODA/SODA or purchase invoices) to your client for the first time, we send him/her a request to confirm his/her email address.

The purpose of your client confirming the authenticity of his/her email address, is to ensure that the personal and sensitive documents we send by e-mail arrive at the correct address.

If your client does not respond, we will resend this request for confirmation of his/her e-mail address after 4 weeks.

However, the accountant has the possibility to generate this e-mail again without waiting for the reminder e-mail from CodaBox. It is possible that the client has mistakenly deleted this e-mail or does not find it and therefore does not yet receive his/her documents. You can speed up this process by generating this verification e-mail by yourself.

Manage the verification e-mail resend by yourself via MyCodaBox

Look for your client in MyCodaBox - CLIENTS  - Client List. The verification e-mail can be resent for e-mail addresses whose status is not yet verified.

Click on the client's name and under Client E-mail, click 'Resend'.

Confirm your request or contact your client as indicated? 

A confirmation will be displayed: 'The verification e-mail has been sent.'

Note: The sending was not successful ? You receive this message: 'Something happened while resending the verification e-mail. Please try again or contact Support if the problem persists.' ➜ Contact us via Support@codabox.com if necessary.

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