Setting up the FTP connection at CodaBox

CodaBox sends you an e-mail with:

  • The information needed to transfer your CodaBox files
  • A link the CodaBoxFiles from FTP application that creates the folder structure on your computer or server, to store the files that are retrieved when connecting to the CodaBox server
  • Documentation for the installation and use of the application, and the data to be entered (CODABOX_SyncTool_FR_2017.pdf)

FTP for Mac ?

We do not have a version of the SyncTool for Mac OS

Possible solutions:

  1. Cyberduck, free software
  2. Transmit, paying software

The protocol of our server is SFTP and the Port to use is 22

FTP connection at CodaBox set up but having problems?

    Compare the connection data in your CodaBoxFiles from FTP application with the data provided in the CODABOX_SyncTool_EN_2017.pdf documentation and adjust it if necessary.

    Test your connexion via CodaBoxFiles from FTP -Configuration - Params and click on 'Test FTP connexion'
  • You receive an error message when testing your connexion?

    'Exception : Auth Fail' ou 'Impossible de se connecter au FTP' ? Follow the procedure:

    Exception : Auth fail

    This error message indicates that the data in settings is not correct or not present.

    In the Synctool application, go to Configuration > Settings > check your connection data:

    • Check the password and login: A common error with copying and pasting the password or login received via e-mail with your FTP connection details is an extra space at the front or in the back. Correct the password or login.
    • Login details no longer present?:
      It can happen that, after a Windows update, the data disappears. In this case, please reinstall the Synctool.
    Unable to connect to FTP

    The FTP connection is not responding, you receive this error:

    • In the Synctool application, go to Configuration > Params > 'Test FTP connexion' 

    • If necessary, adjust the data according to the connection information that was sent to you by e-mail  
      • FTP address
      • Login
      • Password
      • FTP Root directory
      • PDF folder name
    • Are your login details correct? Contact your IT department and have them check the following:
      • Does your firewall block outgoing connections?
        ⇨ Unblock if necessary
      • Your firewall does not block outgoing connections?
        ⇨ Ping to and contact support@codabox.comwith the following info:
        • IP address obtained via Ping
        • Your IP address
        • Contact details of the person to be contacted again for technical checks
        • A screenshot of the CodaBox Synctool settings

  • No error message during the connexion test?  

    Start processing the files via CodaBoxFiles from FTP - Process - 'Process'

    You receive an error 'Part of the path cannot be found' ? Follow the procedure:

    Part of the path cannot be found
    • Is the bank account still active?  
      ⇨ To be checked with the bank
    • The bank account is still active    
      Contact your IT department, so they can make the following adjustments:
      If the installation is done on a server, a problem may occur with the destination folder. If you select e.g. 'K:codaboxfilesfromFTP' via the Synctool application as the destination folder, this works if the application is started manually, but can cause problems when the application is started automatically.

      Solution: Manually change the location of the destination folder in the XML file (CodaBoxFilesFromFTP.xml): On the line <CodaLocalDir> K:\CodaBoxFilesFromFTP</CodaLocalDir> the K:\ path must be changed to the full pathwith backslashes and UNC path syntax. Ask your IT department what the full path is.

  • No error message after starting file processing but the upload fails?

    Follow the procedure:

    No download
    • Start processing the files via CodaBoxFiles from FTP - Process - 'Process' and take a screenshot of the processing window. Send the screenshot to, together with a description of the problem

    Test the connection via an existing FTP
    • Contact your IT department to check if another FTP application is installed (Filezilla/Winscp)
      • If so, connect to our server via this application


⇨ Mostly, you will be able to fix the issue in a very short time and if not, please make sure to prepare the necessary information BEFORE contacting our Support. This way we can assist you as soon as possible:

  • Description of the problem
  • Scenario and results of the tests (as described above) performed
  • Screenshots of the error messages