You receive CODAs from CRELAN bank with a repetitive numbering and you cannot import them into your accounting software?

This is caused by the fact that the client's paper statements are generated on a non-daily basis.


The same number is used for the paper statements for a specific period (week, month). 

However, CODA files are delivered daily and therefore have the same number as the paper statement.

The periodicity of paper statements is not managed by CodaBox, as it concerns a contract between the client and his/her bank.

There are two solutions:

  1. If you have issues processing the files in your accounting software, please contact your software provider.
    Most of the accounting software are able to handle this issue.

  2. Ask your client to change the periodicity of the creation of his/her paper statements so they have a new number every day. This request can be made directly through his/her banking agency. The agency must then request the change themselves with the head office via:

    Please note that your client may be charged for this change.

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