MyCodaBox easier to use? 

Yes, because it’s no longer necessary to have a separate MyCodaBox account for each software.

MyCodaBox even more secure? 

Yes, because, we have updated the mechanism to login to MyCodaBox, which is an important step for later security features such as Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA). 

When will the new version of MyCodaBox be launched?

The launch will take place end of November (exact date to follow). When logging into MyCodaBox with your current account, you will automatically be asked to create a new account.

Why am I asked to create a new account?

As part of our new login system, we require every existing MyCodaBox user to create a new account. 

You can’t login any more with your old account.

I have multiple MyCodaBox accounts. Do I need to create multiple accounts again?

It’s no longer necessary to have a separate MyCodaBox account for each software. Once you created one single MyCodaBox account, you will notice our new feature ‘multi-environment’ (see below). This will allow you to navigate from one MyCodaBox environment (ex. software ExactOnline) to another (ex. software Yuki).

We currently share a MyCodaBox account with multiple persons in my organization. What do we do?

1 person needs to create a new MyCodaBox account with his/her professional email address. This person can easily invite the other colleagues in MyCodaBox him/herself via the new feature 'Administration / Users' (see below).

What are the new features of MyCodaBox?

There are three new features for you as a MyCodaBox user:

  • User management
    Via the main menu ‘Administration - Manage Users’, you will now be able to view all the current MyCodaBox users of your organization. A new colleague is starting? Invite them yourself in MyCodaBox and they will be up-and-running in less than 5 minutes!
  • Multi-environment 
    From now on, one MyCodaBox account is sufficient to access multiple MyCodaBox environments.
    So there’s no need anymore to log off and log in again to manage clients of another software.
    As long as the environments belong to the same organization you are part of, you will be able to access MyCodaBox of each environment via the main menu.
  • Multi-organization
    If you are managing clients over multiple organizations (for example when you are working for multiple accounting firms in a group structure), one MyCodaBox account is also sufficient from now on. If you use the same e-mail address within each of the organizations, you’ll be able to access MyCodaBox of each organization via the main menu.

See also our article  'Connect to the new version of MyCodaBox as an existing user'