Welcome to CodaBox! You've submitted your company information & bank account number(s), and signed your CodaBox contract? Then you will soon receive your CODA-files daily (directly in your software). 

What's next? With your company's data, we've registered your company in your MyCodaBox environment. You will immediately get access to the online MyCodaBox portal, to further manage your data yourself, do the follow-up or add new companies or services if needed. 

Once the necessary mandates are signed and activated, you will receive the requested files. 

Get started quickly: follow these steps! 


You will receive an invitation by e-mail (from services@codabox.com) to create your account in the MyCodaBox portal: click the link and follow the instructions.

☆ Want to change your data or password later, or give a colleague access to the data of your company(ies) in MyCodaBox? You can read all about that here.


We have registered your company in MyCodaBox and also added the bank account(s) you listed. To activate our services, mandates will have to be signed. You can do this via your MyCodaBox-portal, where the ordered mandates are already waiting for you. 

  1. Log on to MyCodaBox. 
  2. In the left menu, go to Mandates & services > CODA.
    You will see your company information.
  3. In the far right column, below 'Actions', click on the Manage button.
    You'll see the account number(s) which you want to request CODA for.
  4. Follow the instructions to sign the mandates. The possibilities and instructions vary depending on your situation and the bank in question:  
    • Use the Start Signing Now link if you are authorized to sign yourself.
    • Use the Copy Signing link button to forward the link to the company representative.
    • Use the Download button to sign the mandates on paper. Then send them to helpdesk@codabox.com.
    • Follow the instructions for KBC-accounts, if applicable.

We'll take care of everything else!


Receives the signed mandates and sends them to the bank for validation and activation.


Verifies the signatures and activates the delivery of CODA-files. 


Delivers the CODA-filesvia the method appropriate to the software you're using. 

We will contact you for this and the delivery method will be explained further.

★ Are you using Exact Online?
Follow these instructions to correctly set up your digital postbox in Exact Online
and link it to the bank account(s). 

CARO, VOILA and SODA are not available to SMEs for now.

Get even more out of CodaBox

Want to know more? Want to add another company or bank account? 

We'd love to get you started:

Any other questions?

Send an e-mail to helpdesk@codabox.com.

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