Do you need CODA for reconciliation of your sales invoices?

Please check with your accountant if he already receives CODA for your company via CodaBox or if he can order CODA for your company from CodaBox. You can automatically use the CODA we deliver to your accountant.  If your accountant can't provide you with CODA, please read on below!

If you do your own accounting and wish to receive your CODA files via CodaBox, then CodaBox is the right place for you.

  • For each bank account, CODA is collected daily from the bank and delivered electronically and securely to your Software via the CODABOX API or via other secure electronic channels. The use of the CODA-Product offers you many advantages such as: more efficiency, less errors, ... You are guaranteed to have all your bank account statements at your disposal and you no longer need to make manual entries or manually retrieve files from the various banking institutions.

  • The CODA : 
    1. Get a logical numbering and ordering 
    2. Are verified for completeness (balances)
    3. Are delivered in a PDF file 

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