CodaBox delivers CODA/SODA/Invoices securely in the user's IT environment. 

This delivery is via the CodaBox API or via other secure electronic channels

The files are delivered ready to use, arranged and sorted in a simple and effective way: by date, balance, number, etc. CodaBox also delivers a daily replica of the CODA file in PDF format; this one allows a simple visualization of the bank statement.

'Server' Delivery

If your CodaBox files are delivered on your server, CodaBox will create a tree structure, based on client code of every client. Every type of file gets delivered in its own map:


SODA: CLIENTCODE/YEAR/SODA-from-socialoffice

Purchase Invoices: CLIENTCODE/YEAR/Invoices-IN-01/

Sales Invoices: CLIENTCODE/YEAR/Invoices-OUT-01/

Delivery via API or other

If you have another delivery mode, the CodaBox documents will be transferred to your software by means of a direct link and will be available in the appropriate module (example Exact Online, Yuki, Bob).

As soon as a first file is available for you, CodaBox will contact you automatically to establish a delivery method.