Overview of softwares and their access to CodaBox files

Direct import but NOT via API

SoftwareConnection method
Exact OnlineUses a digital mailbox xxx@xxx.xx to receive CODA files. You can register this mailbox via MyCodaBox or communicate it to CodaBox via a datafile (in case you are a company).
WingsThe FTP is provided by Wings who takes care of the connection between CodaBox and Wings.
YukiAlways use the FTP connection at CodaBox with a username and password.

Does not use the CodaBox connection tool.

Import via API V2

SoftwareConnection method
BOB - WinbooksOnWeb - Horus - Winauditor - Clearfacts - Stratics - ThanksToPay
Uses an API connection via a token to connect to CodaBox and upload files.
Token sent manually by CodaBox

Import via CodaBox Connect API

SoftwareConnection method
Yuki - Horus - odooUses an API connection to connect to CodaBox and upload files.
The software has a built-in functionality to connect to CodaBox

Delivery via CodaBox Synctool

SoftwareDelivery method
Examples of software: 

Expert/M - Winbooks - Adsolut - Venice ,.. 

(Non-exhaustive list)

Is your software able to process CODA files? 
This delivery method is available to you!
➜ We deliver your CODA files via the CodaBox Synctool!
Information is available in the CodaBox SyncTool user manual.