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Connecting to CodaBox and sending sales invoices to my office

The company that wants to make a connection with CodaBox to directly send its sales invoices to its accounting office can follow the procedure hereunder:

  • Check the compatibility of its billing software with Codabox services.
  • If the billing software is compatible with CodaBox , the company can make a request to connect to CodaBox by transmitting its enterprise number via its software.
    → Please check with your software provider in which module this request can be made.

When CodaBox receives the connection request, we perform a check based on the enterprise number to check whether the SME

  • Is known at CodaBox 
  • Is linked to a fiduciary client of CodaBox

The company is known at Codabox - E-mail address known
The company is NOT known at Codabox
  1. If CodaBox has the client's email address, CodaBox sends a token by e-mail to the client. The client can make the connection with CodaBox by registering his token in its software.

  2. The connection is made and the SME can then proceed to the automatic delivery of sales invoices to the accountant.

  3. The company may than dispose of the transactions (via the CODA files) on its account and automatically settle the invoices paid in its billing software.

In this case the service cannot be activated.

The end user receives a CodaBox notification through the billing software with the reason for the non activation.

The different reason for non activation:

  • The enterprise number is not known at Codabox (this link is unique).
    The client must contact his accounting office.

  • The e-mail address of the client is not known (here the Token is exchanged).

    → The client can contact

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