CodaBox has set up a system that allows the accounting office to automatically access its clients' sales invoices in an injectable format in its accounting software, as well as a PDF version.

Thanks to an interconnection with the invoicing softwares used by SMEs, CodaBox can:

  • Receive sales invoices from these SMEs and send them to their accounting office.
  • Give the client access to his own CODA files so that the client can have access to the transactions on his account and can automatically settle his paid invoices in his billing software.

Sales invoices in 3 steps with VOICI


Step 1:
The accountant's end client makes a request in his compatible billing software to connect to CodaBox.

Step 2:
CodaBox performs a check based on the company number to verify whether the SME is known to us and if it is related to a Fiduciary client of Codabox.

Step 3:
If the company is known, the connection is established and we deliver, as they are created, the client's sales invoices to his accountant.

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