As a sender, who wants to send digital invoices, you have to register with CodaBox. 

This registration is done via an integrator.

Intégrator? Software partner?

Contact your software provider to check if they are able to send digital invoices (through us or not).

What information is required by the integrator to register you with CodaBox?

  • Company
    • Name
    • VAT number
    • IBAN
    • Address
    • Contact details
  • Company representative - KYC
    • As part of the KYC (Know Your Client) process, which aims to ensure the integrity and verify the identity of a company's different stakeholders (clients-suppliers-partners), your integrator is obliged to ask you for the information necessary for these verifications.

      Which information must be provided to the integrator in order to perform this KYC verification?

A photo of the front side of the Belgian electronic identity card of the Legal Representative who registers the Company with CodaBox.

Important :  Legal representative means the Legal Representative who is registered as such in the Belgian Official Journal.

Once the information is sent to the integrator, a verification of the data is done via the Belgian Official Journal:

  • Company Name/Address
  • Active company?
  • Name and function of the legal representative


If one of these data is not correct, the registration request at CodaBox the registration request at CodaBox will be rejected and you will have to make a new registration request

➞  You can find all the necessary information in the API documentation on the website of our partner Ibanity

Questions about the registration process at CodaBox?

➞ Please contact your integrator

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